A clay bar intense cleansing treatment is a specially designed resin compound used to remove embedded contaminants which bond to car paintwork that a standard wash is unable to remove.

The type of contaminants a clay bar expels, include; road paint, cement, brake dust, and heavy tar spots.

On completion of our clay bar treatment, a high definition polish will be applied to deliver an outstanding glossy finish to the paintwork.

To ensure a consistent high-level quality of service, our qualified valeting and detailing technicians receive ongoing training using the most effective techniques and only the and best-of-breed Autoglym car care products.

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Stage 2 Machine Polishing

Clay Barring – Machine Polish Removes 65% of swirl marks and hairline scratches – time allocated. 6- 7 hours
  • Cars £220.00 + Vat
  • 4×4 £265.00 + Vat

Stage 3 Machine Polishing

Clay Barring – Machine Polish, to remove all swirl and hairline scratches 100%. Time allocated 10-12 hours. This includes a ceramic coating.
  • Cars £220.00 + Vat
  • 4×4 £265.00 + Vat