It is important to regularly check your oil levels in order to keep your car running smoothly.

Engine oil lubricates the moving parts of your engine as well as cleaning, cooling and protecting these parts preventing your engine from seizing up.

However, engine oil needs changing regularly as its lubricating properties do not last forever. Over time, oil becomes dirty and its chemical makeup changes making it far less effective.

All oil changing servicing is completed by our qualified engineers.

Please see further below for 6 signs which indicate your car engine oil needs changing.

  • Check the colouring (fresh oil has a transparent light brown colour but over time this will turn darker and can eventually become black. Once your oil loses its transparency and turns black it is a sign to change your oil).
  • Feel the consistency (take a little bit of oil off the dipstick and rub it between your thumb and forefinger. If the oil is coarse or you can feel any grittiness this is another sign that the oil contains contaminants and should be replaced).
  • Increase of mileage (if you use your car frequently for longer journeys and clock up a lot of miles, it might be time to have your oil replaced. Check your car manual first, as individual manufacturer’s propose their own recommended advice regarding oil change intervals).
  • Dashboard oil light is on (many modern cars will keep track of your engine oil levels for you and a dashboard light or message will illuminate when your next oil change is due. This reminder light will be set as per your manufacturer’s recommended oil change interval for your vehicle).
  • Oil levels keep dropping (when your engine level keeps dropping below the minimum indicator on your dipstick confirms there may be a problem. An engine that continually needs topping up with oil suggests that there is either a leak or the oil is no longer up to the job and a complete oil change is required).
  • Increased engine noise (if you notice your engine is noisier than usual it could mean your oil needs replacing. As engine oil becomes old and loses its lubricating properties the moving parts in the engine may begin to grind against one another causing major damage if not addressed).
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